50 Years after Six-Day War: ‘God’s on the Move’

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50 Years after Six-Day War: ‘God’s on the Move’

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JERUSALEM, Israel – On the eve of the 1967 Six-Day War, world Jewry was terrified their newly born homeland was about to be destroyed. But as CBN’s Scott Ross reports, no one could imagine what was in store for Israel and how prophecy and history would come together to deliver an amazing victory.

More than 5,000 miles from Israel, Jewish teenager Moshe Kempinski was feeling the shock waves of the war.

“I was writing a chemistry exam in my junior high in Montreal, Canada,” Kempinski recalled. “I snuck in a transistor radio to the exam room. I was listening because we were frustrated and frightened.”

Kempinski said they feared the worst.

“The world told us the next Holocaust was going to happen. Tel Aviv and Haifa were digging out mass graves. We expected the worst,” he said.

That fear spread across the border to New York where Marty Oliner lived.

“All the troops were lined up. Nasser’s troops – we thought we were losing Israel forever,” Oliner said. “We thought it was really a Goliath story. Nasser was ready to annihilate us.”

Then something very different happened.

“I was listening on June 7th. On June 6th, something miraculous happened that we really weren’t aware of,” Kempinski said. “The most powerful Arab army in the Middle East was the Jordanian Legion, British armed, British trained. They were in charge of the Old City and for some reason – till this day, no one knows why – they just picked up and left.”

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