On Anniversary of Pulse Jihadi Attack, Media Replaces Radical Ideology with Generic ‘Hate’

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On Anniversary of Pulse Jihadi Attack, Media Replaces Radical Ideology with Generic ‘Hate’


On Monday, thousands are remembering the lives lost during the deadliest mass shooting in United States history, the Pulse nightclub massacre, a jihadist attack by an Islamic State sympathizer targeting the Orlando club’s “Latin Night.”

Omar Mateen opened fire on innocent patrons of the club, killing 49 people and injuring scores of others. Mateen pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State during the shooting before police shot him dead.

The media has made little to no mention of the fact that a jihadist, influenced by a radical Islamic ideology, was behind this crime. Instead, most of the stories in the press have painted the incident as a generic form of “hate.”

An article in the New Yorker about the graveyard caretaker who looks after the plots of the victims of the massacre does not mention Mateen. USA Today similarly makes no mention of Mateen’s radical motivations or his allegiance to a group hellbent on spreading an Islamic caliphate throughout the world.

CNN ran an article highlighting five people who were either related to the victims of the Pulse massacre or survived the atrocity. CNN also failed to address the radical Islamic ideology behind the attacks. While they did mention the word “terror,” they chose quotes to highlight the views of those who believe in stricter gun laws, and one that blamed the incident squarely on “hate.” Read More

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