Southern Baptists Push Back Against LGBT Activists

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Southern Baptists Push Back Against LGBT Activists

CBN News

Southern Baptist leaders are standing firm against a coalition of LGBT activists that want them to declare that homosexuality is not a sin.

Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission President Russell Moore told CBN News that while Southern Baptists believe in the inherent dignity of all people and want to be known for love and compassion “we will not ignore the teachings of Jesus himself.”

He also rejected any question of compromise noting “to minimize or adjust a Christian sexual ethic would be to abandon the very message Jesus handed to us and we have no authority to do this.”

Faith in America, a non-profit dedicated to ending what it calls “religious-based prejudice,” has organized the Baptist lobbying campaign at the annual convention in Phoenix this week with a multi-pronged approach that includes medical professionals, academics and a billboard campaign.

The group is pressuring Baptists around LGBT health issues, charging that Southern Baptist theology physically harms LGBT youth.

Spokesman Burns Strider, a long-time faith advisor for the Democratic Party, told CBN News “Our children who are LGBT are being harmed by church and family…I look forward to the day when homosexuality is no longer seen as a sin by so many churches.”

Faith in America says research published in 2009 in the well-respected Pediatrics journal shows a link between LGBT youth raised in “condemning households” and their likelihood of attempting suicide versus those raised in “affirming households.” It released a statement saying “LGBT kids raised in condemning religious families are eight times…Read More

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