Orlando airport braces for traffic crush when Uber, Lyft begin picking up passengers

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Orlando airport braces for traffic crush when Uber, Lyft begin picking up passengers

Orlando Sentinel

Uber  and Lyft are preparing to pick up passengers at Orlando’s airport as soon as July 1, thanks to a new state law nullifying local rules that had restricted the practice.

But as travelers look forward to lower fares, Orlando International Airport is bracing for traffic congestion.

Airport officials plan to direct the anticipated invasion of those ride-share cars and the large fleet of taxicabs already operating at the airport to the passenger-arrival curbs of the second levels of terminals A and B.

Those quarter-mile strips are several lanes wide and often are congested with privately owned cars picking up family, friends and others.

Traffic there could get a lot worse, say airport officials, but how much more so remains to be seen. Decisions on whether to proceed with that arrangement and how much the airport will charge ride-share cars for each pickup will come this week.

“We’re working collaboratively with the airport.”— Lyft spokesman Campbell Matthews.

We’re working collaboratively with the airport to reach an agreement and are hopeful that we will be able to launch as soon as possible after the state law is enacted,” Lyft spokesman Campbell Matthews said.

Eventually, pickups by ride-share cars may be directed, as at some other airports, to curbs along the third level, where airlines have ticket counters. However, heavy construction is occurring there now to expand lobby space.

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