Uber’s Business Now Depends on These Three Millennials

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Uber’s Business Now Depends on These Three Millennials

A trio of thirty-somethings run the ride-hailing giant’s global operations, which account for nearly all revenue.

As Uber Technologies Inc. tries to move past an array of scandals without its founding leader, running the core business falls to a trio of 30-somethings who had no experience managing anything of this scale before joining the startup.

Officially, Uber will be managed by a 14-person committee until the return of Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick, who’s on leave after a pair of workplace probes found dozens of mishandled human-resources claims during his tenure. But thanks to a corporate structure he set up in 2013, three people in that committee will be in charge of Uber’s main operations. Their work accounts for nearly all revenue the company generates.

The managers of Uber’s three regions were all consulting associates at Bain & Co. within a few years of jumping aboard the young ride-hailing startup. Rachel Holt joined in 2011 to help put the first cars on the road in Washington, D.C., Uber’s sixth city. The next year, Andrew Macdonald was hired to do the same in Toronto, while Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty oversaw France.

Rachel Holt
Photographer: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Holt, 34, now runs Uber’s business in the U.S. and Canada, which last year generated about $10 billion in gross bookings and was, for a short time, profitable. Macdonald, 33, oversees Asia and Latin America, the fastest-growing markets. Gore-Coty, 32, has Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Each regional manager operates with significant autonomy. They help determine prices in their cities and expenses for recruiting drivers. Regions have their…Read More & View Video

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