Musician killed in Oakland while trying to retrieve stolen laptop

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Musician killed in Oakland while trying to retrieve stolen laptop


He was a musician living in Oakland who reminded friends of an experimental Bob Dylan, with a raspy voice and an aptitude for throwing singer-songwriter conventions to the wind in the pursuit of his art.

Dave Deporis was killed in the middle of the day Wednesday in Oakland when he ran after the getaway car of the robber who took his laptop and ended up being dragged and run over, police said.

The incident unfolded about 12:35 p.m. when at least one person snatched Deporis’ laptop as he worked at a cafe on Telegraph Avenue, near Rich Street, in the Temescal neighborhood, police said.

Witnesses said the 40-year-old Deporis grabbed on to the side of a red Audi sport utility vehicle the robber jumped in and was briefly dragged until he slipped beneath the wheels of the vehicle and was run over.

No arrests were made in the robbery, and Deporis was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

“The saddest news. … I’m so sorry to hear it. … Rest In Peace,” popular singer Regina Spektor wrote of Deporis in a condolence posted on Twitter.

Deporis kept all of his music on the stolen laptop, said Chris Vogel, a close friend. That’s everyone’s best guess for why he chased down that Audi, Vogel said.

To his friends, and the musical community worldwide, Deporis, according to Vogel, was something of an “international man of mystery.” To say that he was from Oakland would be misleading, considering he grew up in Florida, spent time in…Read More


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