MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: God speaks in strange ways

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MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: God speaks in strange ways

DR. Michael Savage

Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: Savage, as he often does, told his listeners of an unexpected encounter he had the morning of Tuesday’s show.

“I’m taking my morning little ride, and I hear a very loud vacuum machine running in the street. So, naturally, my head turns to it as I’m on the bike. And there’s this big black guy vacuuming a car,” he said.

“It’s Dave. I’ve known Dave for years. He’s a car detailer. He also happens to be a pastor at a local church. Once in awhile I gave him some money for turkeys, but I’ve run into him so seldom, once every few years.

“All of a sudden he stops me and comes over. ‘Love you, brother.’ You know, that kind of thing.”

Savage continued.

One word leads to the other, and he starts telling me this story and that story. He brought up the incident from last February when that altercation occurred [in a restaurant].

He said, “We’ve been praying for you, brother. If you need anything. … “

I said, “Don’t worry about it. It was God’s hand. It’s all over. Don’t worry about it.”

… So, we’re talking about this and about that. Great guy, loves to talk and he tells me his stories about his ministry, over there in Mill Valley.

And he says to me, “Well, I’ve gotta tell you something, Michael.”

“I was in this neighborhood.”

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Lakeem Khodra
Lakeem Khodra
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