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September 22, 2017

Exit Catalan!


Vote for Catalonia Independence on October 1st 2017.

For the past two weeks, Spanish police directed by the central Madrid government have harassed Catalonian government officials to prevent them from initiating the legitimate October 1, 2017 Catalonia Independence referendum. [Stratfor, Sept. 20, 2017]. These peremptory orders came from the effete, corrupt Spanish PM Marion Rajoy [People’s Party]. Rajoy commanded that the highly compromised federal police “enter Catalonian print shops, seize thousands of pro-referendum posters, pamphlets, and voting ballots” [Stratfor, 9-17].

This fascist type of leadership is reminiscent of the days when Francisco Franco suppressed and then killed millions of innocent Spaniards in order to maintain an ersatz republic. He grinded-out this horrific task to solidify his power from 1939-1975.

Many of my adolescent days living in Toulouse, France were spent in and around Barcelona. Very early on, I realized that the Catalonians were more like the Basque than the inhabitants of Madrid. The Catalonians and the Basque were incredibly industrious, courteous people who spoke and lived a very different lifestyle from the rest of Spain.

Years later, as I tracked Catalonia’s progress, I reported that it provided close to 40% of the real GDP of Spain. That did not surprise me. These were the same type of hard working people who had populated much of the industrious French Pyrenees-Orientales. In fact, Barcelona is the seventh most populated urban area in the EU and the second largest city in Spain after Madrid.[Wikipedia]. Since the 1978 new Spanish Constitution, Catalan has been the most visited, economically dynamic region of Spain.

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Lakeem Khodra
Lakeem Khodra
News Writer/Contributor at Tyranny News @lakeemk

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