EU Reveals Plan to Import 50,000 More African ‘Refugees’

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September 29, 2017
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September 29, 2017

EU Reveals Plan to Import 50,000 More African ‘Refugees’

African migrants protest outside Israel’s parliament in Jerusalem, Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014. Thousands of African migrants demanded to be recognized as refugees in a protest Wednesday outside of Israel’s parliament, part of a series of events showing the migrants’ growing frustration with their fate in Israel. Police said more than 10,000 migrants rallied outside the Knesset, with hundreds more continuing to stream in to Jerusalem from around the country. The migrants have staged two other mass protests in Tel Aviv where they have demanded the right to work and better treatment from the Israeli government. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

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Unelected technocrats unveil $500 million population transfer strategy

The European Union Commission has unveiled the latest expansion in their ‘refugee resettlement’ agenda – a plan to formally import 50,000 more Africans over the next two years at a cost of over half a billion US dollars.

The new arrivals would be in addition to the millions that have already arrived – and continue to do so, both of their own volitions and with the assistance of official EU agencies and NGOs.

In a press release, the EU Commission states that the goal of the program is to create new “legal pathways” for “resettling vulnerable persons from North Africa and the Horn of Africa… who risk their lives at the hands of criminal smuggling networks.”

“Europe has to show that it is ready to share responsibility with third countries, notably in Africa,” EU Migration Commissioner, Dmitri Avramopoulos said in comments to the press. “People who are in genuine need of protection should not risk their lives or depend on smugglers.”

“We need to open real alternatives to taking perilous irregular journeys,” he added. “Investing in more legal pathways, both for protection but also for study or work, is therefore essential.”

The unveiling of the new proposal follows EU President Jean-Claude Juncker’s annual “State of the Union” address in which he announced, “In spite of the debate and controversy around this topic, we have managed to make solid progress… We now need to redouble our efforts. Before the end of the month, the Commission will…Read More

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