“We Dodged A Bullet”: Hurricane Nate Misses New Orleans, Downgraded To Tropical Depression

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October 8, 2017

“We Dodged A Bullet”: Hurricane Nate Misses New Orleans, Downgraded To Tropical Depression

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Residents of coastal towns and cities across the Southeastern US are breathing a sigh of relief as Hurricane Nate is rapidly weakening after twice making landfall in the Southeastern US late Saturday into early Sunday. The NHC has downgraded it to a tropical depression as it moves inland over Alabama; NHC has also discontinued all storm-related warnings for coastal areas, though heavy rains and flooding continue in some areas. The storm’s maximum sustained winds have dropped to 40 mph, and as of late-morning Sunday, the storm was traveling near Birmingham, Alabama.

Many of the Hurricane watches and warnings issued before the storm made landfall have been discontinued.

Meteorologist Jim Cantore shared this video of the storm taken in Orange Beach Alabama shortly before Nate made its first landfall. Viewers can clearly see a water spout forming offshore.

Nate battered coastal cities with storm surges as high as five feet, flooding parts of downtown Biloxi Mississippi. The highest storm surge by this point was 4.7 feet at Shell Beach, about 15 miles east-southeast of New Orleans, according to readings from tide gauges in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle.
Videos circulating online showed floodwaters rising in the lobby of the Golden Nugget Casino in Biloxi.

Flooding was also documented in Mobile, Alabama.

Though the storm was much more mild than many had feared, it still left tens of thousands of utility customers without power.

Alabama Power reported Sunday morning that about 59,000 customers were without power, 56,000 of which were in Mobile.

In Mississippi, 50,000 customers…Read More

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