The Houston Nutt-Ole Miss lawsuit is over, but not before it brought down Hugh Freeze

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The Houston Nutt-Ole Miss lawsuit is over, but not before it brought down Hugh Freeze

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Nutt’s lawsuit ended without drama, but it started with plenty.

In July 2017, former Ole Miss football coach Houston Nutt sued his old school, alleging a smear campaign to pin many of the Rebels’ NCAA investigation problems on him.

As news about the story began to filter out last year, some media reports indicated that much of the NCAA’s probe wasn’t focused on the staff of then-head coach Hugh Freeze. The upshot of that is that Ole Miss’ previous head coach, Nutt, was somewhere near the center of the investigation. Nutt and his lawyer, Thomas Mars, alleged that Ole Miss officials orchestrated those reports. But the vast majority of the NCAA’s charges against Ole Miss are against Freeze’s administration, not Nutt’s.

The lawsuit has settled, Nutt and Ole Miss announced Monday.

“Certain statements made by University employees in January 2016 appear to have contributed to misleading media reports about Coach Nutt,” Ole Miss said in a statement without a specific name attached. “To the extent any such statements harmed Coach Nutt’s reputation, the University apologizes, as this was not the intent.”

The school notes that the NCAA didn’t name or implicate Nutt in any wrongdoing. In his half of the statement, Nutt simply says he’s “pleased to put the lawsuit behind me” and wishes the Ole Miss football team good luck. So, that’s over.

Nutt’s suit ended quietly, but it left its mark.

Freeze resigned suddenly in July. Nutt’s fingerprints were all over that.

During the dispute between Nutt and Ole Miss…Read More

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