LAUNCHING: See the new lab test results format for supplements, superfoods and fast food

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LAUNCHING: See the new lab test results format for supplements, superfoods and fast food

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(Natural News) As promised, the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center is rolling out a new format that details the lab test results for off-the-shelf products, including foods, supplements and fast food.

An example of the new format is shown below. It aggregates testing results from two mass spec lab instruments (ICP-MS and HPLC-MS-TOF), then assigns a final score according to the results of heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics and more.

The chart recognizes products for being certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. Chemicals which are detected in “trace” amounts are indicated as “trace,” while chemicals that appear in significantly larger amounts may be assigned a grade of “Concern” or “AVOID.”

Here’s an example of the testing chart using a fictitious superfood example (this is not an actual product):

What the test results mean

The testing results are explained at this new CWC page which describes the scoring calculation for each product and explains the technical meanings behind each category result. From that page:

CLEAR – Indicates that no such chemicals were detected by the HPLC-MS-TOF system (see technical limits of instrumentation, above).

TRACE – Chemicals were detected, but exist in “trace” levels that are common for the class of item tested (i.e. non-organic products, which are expected to contain pesticides and other chemicals).

CONCERN – One or more chemical was detected at an unusually high concentration that stands out in great contrast to other products in the same general category (organic, conventional, seafood, dog food, etc). While it may not violate FDA, USDA or EPA…Read More

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