Jeffrey Epstein Paid $5 Million To Three Sex Trafficking Victims

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October 22, 2017
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Jeffrey Epstein Paid $5 Million To Three Sex Trafficking Victims

The Daily Caller

According to Brad Edwards, a Florida criminal attorney representing 3 victims who sued the billionaire pedophile and registered sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, in Palm Beach, Florida, Mr. Epstein paid $5.5 million in total to settle a lawsuit filed by three of more than two dozen underage victims who sued Epstein in Florida.

Mr. Edwards said, “each survivor was paid $1MM each.” Although all three victims are presently adult women, they remain unidentified for their safety and security.  During the court filings, they were identified as: L.M., E.W., and Jane Doe.

The victim, L.M. was paid $1 million; E.W. was paid $2 MM; and Jane Doe was paid $2.5 MM according to the settlement agreement.  The settlement agreement was to be kept confidential however, a series of events notwithstanding the ongoing litigation between Mr. Edwards and Mr. Epstein uncorked the “Jeannie in the Bottle”, when court documents filed last week in a hearing, in Florida on Tuesday, were revealed, in preparation for a December trial, filed by Mr. Edwards against Mr. Epstein for “malicious prosecution.”

Mr. Epstein is currently represented by Ms. Tonja Haddad Coleman.  Attorney Coleman requested a delay in the Epstein trial because she claimed she has been unable to speak to her client since Mr. Epstein’s estate, on the private island of Little St. John in the United States Virgin Island, was devastated by Hurricane Irma last month.

Given the large amounts of money Mr. Epstein claims to invest for his clients, he does not accept investments under $1 Billion and demands complete control…Read More

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