Food Industry Sets Tuesday Vote To Import 1 Million Visa-Workers

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October 24, 2017
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Food Industry Sets Tuesday Vote To Import 1 Million Visa-Workers

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Farm industry lobbyists and the GOP chairman of the House Judiciary Committee will try again on October 24 to pass a bill that would let companies import an army of 1 million low-wage visa-workers for a wide variety of Americans food-sector jobs.

“Rep. Goodlatte’s proposal would devastate America’s current and future farmworkers,” said a statement from the Farmworker Justice group, which continued:

By stripping away labor protections that evolved over decades in response to abuses, the proposed H-2C visa program would subject hundreds of thousands of U.S. farmworkers to job losses and lower wages, and would allow exploitation of vulnerable guestworkers … the Agricultural Guestworker Act reaches beyond traditional farm jobs to include agriculture-related processing and manufacturing jobs, as well as forestry and aquaculture.

This is the second attempt to pass the H-2C visa-workers bill out of the House Judiciary Committee, which is chaired by Virginia GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte. His Virginia district includes several turkey and chicken processing plants which employ many low-wage migrants and refugees. The prior vote was canceled October 3, when the farm-industry lobbyists could not win enough votes from reluctant Republican and Democratic legislators.

Many polls show that Americans strongly oppose the cheap-labor immigration policy which displaces Americans workers.

The committee tried to weaken opposition by announcing the surprise vote on Monday, one day before the planned Tuesday-morning session. Goodlatte has also scheduled time for a vote on Wednesday, giving more time for the industry lobbyists to strong-arm legislators.

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