With a green dot on the back of his helmet, Eagles LB Nigel Bradham takes on more responsibility

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With a green dot on the back of his helmet, Eagles LB Nigel Bradham takes on more responsibility


Watch linebacker Nigel Bradham closely on Sunday, and you’ll notice a lime green dot on the back of his helmet. It’s been on the back of his helmet three times this season – only when Jordan Hicks was sidelined in games. With Hicks out for the year because of a torn Achilles tendon, Bradham will have that dot on the back of his helmet going forward. It means he’s wearing the headset on defense.

By wearing the headset, Bradham will relay the play call from defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz to the other defensive players, which is usually Hicks’ role. He’ll help position the defense, too. It’s an important job that requires leadership and communication.  Schwartz didn’t want to overstate the difficulty of it, though.

“It’s not like there’s calculators and protractors and everything else that’s required for that,” Schwartz said. “I mean, you hear something and you say it again. You could put a tape recorder out there and do it. …He’s done a good job with it. And his leadership is starting to show. He’s spreading his wings that way a little bit. He plays with a lot of energy on the field. But being in front of the huddle and being the communicator, I think you start to see that a little bit more from him.”

Bradham will take over Hicks’ spot in the nickel defense, when two linebackers are on the field. In that formation, he’ll play next to Mychal Kendricks. He will remain the strongside linebacker in…Read More

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