New report claims opioids killed more Americans last year than the entire Vietnam War… worst is yet to come

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New report claims opioids killed more Americans last year than the entire Vietnam War… worst is yet to come

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(Natural News) A new paper that was released on Wednesday, October 18 by Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) showed that the abuse of opioid drugs in 2016 alone contributed more towards the death of American people than homicides and suicides, the AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) crisis, car accidents, and the entire Vietnam War ever did.

The Vietnam War is supposed to have caused the death of 58,200 Americans in 19 years and six months. The death toll from opioid overdose last year topped that number at 64,070.

According to data from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, statistics in August 2017 showed that drug overdose deaths increased by 21 percent in just one year from 52,404 in 2015, and the fatality rate doubled from the numbers that were recorded 10 years ago; three quarters of those deaths were caused by opioid overdose.

This is significant in the sense that for the first time ever, drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50. Pharmaceutical companies are taking the heat for this occurrence – they have been called out for making deals with doctors and healthcare centers, resulting in the over-prescription of these expensive medicines.

In 1980, studies started giving a glimpse into a possible opioid addiction for the years to come, leading some companies and regulatory bodies to try making abuse-resistant drugs which were hard to crush in the 1990s. However, by the time the 2000s came, it became apparent that prescription rates just kept skyrocketing and opioid dependence…Read More

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