The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks

October 27, 2017
FBI watched, then acted as Russian spy moved closer to Hillary Clinton
October 28, 2017

The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks

Natural News

Natural News to expose the shocking true history of science and medicine on November 7… see video trailer

(Natural News) On November 7, 2017, Natural News will release a mind-blowing video lecture that documents the multiple vectors through which “science” and “medicine” continue a covert agenda to exterminate people of African descent from the human gene pool.

Going far beyond the Tuskegee medical experiments and Flint, Michigan lead poisoning schemes that specifically targeted blacks — and are widely acknowledged in the historical record — this stunning video lecture series by Mike Adams, a published scientist and lab science director (CWC Labs), documents the five vectors through which Africans are currently being targeted for elimination from the human gene pool.

See  the trailer of the video lecture below. MUST WATCH.

This video lecture, once released, will be immediately smeared by the genocidal, eugenics-promoting mainstream media as a “conspiracy theory.” This is the same lying media that has incessantly pushed a completely false “Russian conspiracy” agenda for the last year without a shred of hard evidence to back up their fictional narratives and fabricated “sources.”

In great contrast to the fake news media that constantly lies to the African-American community, this video lecture presents a multitude of sources, studies, news clips and even archived New York Times articles that prove beyond any question that an agenda exists right now to specifically target and exterminate blacks through five distinct vectors… including covert infertility technology and depopulation technology funded by people like Bill Gates.

As a real scientist working for humanity, I could not remain silent

As a forensic food scientist (and author of the #1 bestselling…Read More

Lakeem Khodra
Lakeem Khodra
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