THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE, where Chip Kelly replaces every coach

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October 30, 2017
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THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE, where Chip Kelly replaces every coach


It’s your weekly tour of the most infuriated in college football internet.

The ninth week of the college football season was busy. It was especially so during the middle shift, when a bunch of games ended within a half hour and featured losses by No. 2 Penn State, No. 4 TCU, No. 16 Michigan State, and No. 17 USF. Also losing were a couple of mediocre SEC teams with big fan bases.

It’s This Week in Schadenfreude, Week 9, your tour of the angriest in CFB internet.

Texas A&M (lost 35-14 to Mississippi State)

This is your moment, TexAgs message boards.

This poster has a suggestion to replace the embattled Kevin Sumlin:

Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The rationale:

He couldn’t be worse than what we have now…. Well, at least it would be entertaining.

This comment’s not made entirely in jest. It’s noted that Manziel is interested in coaching college football. Ironclad plan, IMO.

One suggestion is to simply replace the Texas A&M logo on the Aggies’ helmets with a different illustration:

Suggestions for new helmet decal? Mine is ole sarge sucking his toe

We are a joke. A consistent cursed joke. We don’t learn from mistakes and continue to make them. Administrators, coaches, decisions, mishaps. All a joke. Notice I don’t include players. It’s not there fault. They are persuaded to come here and they are just following orders. I think a decal of ole sarge sucking his toe is perfectly acceptable to replace the ATM on our helmets. It’s very fitting. Like i always say….Aggie is….is Aggie does…Read More

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