Eight ‘House of Cards’ Employees Accuse Kevin Spacey of Sexual Harassment, Assault

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November 3, 2017
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November 3, 2017

Eight ‘House of Cards’ Employees Accuse Kevin Spacey of Sexual Harassment, Assault

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Eight people who worked on the set of the Netflix show House of Cards have accused Kevin Spacey of creating a “toxic” work environment by sexually harassing them, according to a report.

The eight people, who remain anonymous for fear of putting their careers in jeopardy, told CNN that Spacey exhibited “predatory” behavior towards young, male production staffers on the show that included vulgar comments and nonconsensual touching.

One former production assistant on the show alleged that Spacey, the Oscar-winning actor who also served as one of the show’s executive producers, sexually assaulted him while they traveled to the House of Cards set 30 miles away from Baltimore.

The assistant said he was assigned to pick up Spacey from an offsite location and drive him to the set. While the two were in the car together, the actor allegedly forced his hands down his production assistant’s pants while the car was moving.

The assistant alleged that Spacey touched him without his consent.

“I was in a state of shock,” the former assistant said. “He was a man in a very powerful position on the show and I was someone very low on the totem pole and on the food chain there.”

Once they got to the set, the assistant said he took Spacey’s belongings to the trailer when the actor allegedly cornered him and inappropriately made contact with him.

“I told him, ‘I don’t think I’m ok with this, I don’t think I’m comfortable with this,’” the former assistant claimed. He…Read More

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