UK Is Tougher On Facebook Posts Than ISIS Returnees

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November 3, 2017
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November 3, 2017

UK Is Tougher On Facebook Posts Than ISIS Returnees

The Daily Caller

While America reels from the Islamic terror attack in Manhattan on Tuesday, the United Kingdom is planning not to prosecute hundreds of ISIS fighters arriving on its shores.


Max Hill, a top government adviser who oversees anti-terrorism laws for the British government, told BBC last week that an estimated 400 ISIS militants have already returned to the UK — and authorities have decided to not do anything about it.

Speaking on the fact that the UK is hosting such a large number of known jihadis, Hill said, “That means that the authorities have looked at them, and looked at them hard, and decided that they do not justify prosecution, and really we should be looking towards reintegration and moving away from any notion that we’re going to lose a generation thanks to this travel.”

It seems government officials in the UK are far more troubled by losing a “generation” to ISIS than having that generation’s return to their nation’s shores. Those jihadis just need to be reintegrated and everything will be a-okay.

The authorities’ ideas for reintegrating these foreign jihadis include giving them free housing and other taxpayer-funded support. What a way to punish terrorism.

This proposal of letting in hundreds of hardened Islamic militants in the country without any consequences for the returnees has sparked vigorous debate in Britain.

Unfortunately, plenty of British commentators think the proposal is a brilliant idea.

Self-proclaimed feminist journalist Sirena Bergman recently argued on a television panel that most of these jihadis were simply too…Read More

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