An Indigenous soldier’s story: equal on the battlefield, but not at home

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November 8, 2017
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An Indigenous soldier’s story: equal on the battlefield, but not at home

CBC News

‘There was no prejudice until he got back to Canada,’ Edmonton granddaughter recalls being told

Every year before Remembrance Day, the late Pte. Albert Noname drycleaned his blazers, shined his black boots and polished up his medals.

Then he took his family to parades and ceremonies in Regina, 20 kilometres southwest of his home at the Piapot First Nation reserve.

“Everybody was so proud of him, especially on our reserve,” said granddaugher Chantell Burns, 47, who now lives in Edmonton, recalling those childhood memories. “He said ‘I wanted to fight for my country.’ And that’s what he did.”

As another Remembrance Day approaches, top of mind are the heroic actions of her beloved grandfather, who enlisted during the Second World War when he was 19.

Burns, her mom and dad, aunts and her daughters will all attend a public Remembrance Day ceremony in Edmonton this weekend, a family tradition that they are excited to pass down to the next generation. It will be the first time they take Burns’ baby granddaughter Clara.

“I’m going to make sure that my granddaughter knows that she had a great great grandfather who decided to fight for her country and fight for all Canadians,” said Burns.

Burns was 18 years old when her grandfather started proudly showing her off at legion reunions. She recalled the veterans’ camaraderie, how they seemed just like kids again…Read More

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