WATCH: Steven Crowder Interviews Texas Shooting Hero Stephen Willeford

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WATCH: Steven Crowder Interviews Texas Shooting Hero Stephen Willeford

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On Monday, conservative commentator and comedian Steven Crowder interviewed Stephen Willeford, the heroic 55-year-old man who grabbed his gun and ran toward danger on Sunday as Devin Patrick Kelley, a man with a disturbing, violent past, was in the process of committing the most deadly mass shooting in the history of Texas.

During the 11 a.m. worship service of First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Kelley, 26, armed with a Ruger AR-15 and wearing black tactical gear complete with a ballistic vest, opened fire on congregants, killing 26 and injuring over 20.

When he was told by his daughter that someone was shooting at the nearby church, Willeford, an NRA instructor, quickly went to his safe and got out his rifle and a handful of ammunition. Willeford, who didn’t even have time to put on shoes, then courageously went out to confront the gunman. ​

“I love my community. I love the people that are there. I know most of the people who went to the church there,” he told Crowder, clearly struggling to keep his emotions in check. “And most of them know my grandparents, the older ones, that’s how far back it goes.”

After Crowder noted that everyone in the community has spoken very highly of him, he asked the humble hero to describe the events surrounding the shooting.

Willeford told Crowder that his older daughter was the one who suggested that the popping sound outside was gunfire. As he ran back to his safe to get out his AR-15, his daughter went…Read More

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