Is it art, or just a cake? Supreme Court to hear case about bakery refusing service to gay couple

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December 6, 2017
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Is it art, or just a cake? Supreme Court to hear case about bakery refusing service to gay couple

The Seattle Times

A Supreme Court case about a decorater refusing to make a gay couple a wedding cake because it would violate his religious beliefs will feature lawyers arguing about whether edible artistry is protected under the First Amendment or whether it’s just, well, cake.

Duff Goldman knows cake art.

Since launching Charm City Cakes in 2002, the “Ace of Cakes” star has sold tens of thousands of fantastical, towering tiers of goodness: President Obama’s 2012 inauguration cake, a Hogwarts Harry Potter cake, a pair of Smurf cakes, even a life-size NASCAR cake.

By any conventional standard, Goldman is an artist when it comes to cake. And he’s willing and able to make anything. Well, almost anything.

“There was one time someone wanted something really obscene,” says Goldman. “They wanted their wedding cake to include a sex toy.”

This posed a dilemma: Not a moral issue, per se, but one of good taste. “I sat them down and said, ‘Listen, it’s great you are who you are, but your grandma is going to be there,’ ” he says. The couple reconsidered, and the cake displayed at the wedding reception was more romantic than raunchy. “But if they had insisted, I would have made it for them,” Goldman says.

Is Goldman really an artist? Or is he just a really good baker?

That’s the question of the moment in the world of cake decorating, thanks to the Masterpiece Cakeshop case coming to the Supreme Court next week.

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