The power of your mind: Mindfulness proven, again, to be just as effective as pharma drugs for mental health

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The power of your mind: Mindfulness proven, again, to be just as effective as pharma drugs for mental health

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(Natural News) If you’ve dismissed mindfulness as a fad, you could be missing out on a very valuable tool for your mental health. In fact, it can be just as effective as the gold standard therapy – individual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – for a range of psychiatric symptoms, according to a new study published in European Psychiatry.

Mindfulness entails tuning into the present moment. By paying attention to your feeling sand thoughts as well as the world surrounding you, you can gain a keen awareness that allows you to enhance your mental well-being. It’s particularly useful for those who are prone to destructive ways of thinking as it helps people realize how unhelpful their thinking is. Over time, it allows them to notice when their thoughts are heading into negative patterns and regain control over them to deal more productively.

Researchers from Sweden’s Center for Primary Healthcare Research (CPF) studied 215 patients who were suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress disorders and were recruited from a number of healthcare centers across Sweden. In the eight-week randomized and controlled trial, they studied psychiatric symptoms and measured how they changed throughout the treatment as the participants underwent either individual CBT or mindfulness in group therapy.

In both groups, the average score for the 15 subscales measured dropped significantly. These included general anxiety, depression, stress, interpersonal sensitivity, psychoticism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, aggression, paranoid ideation and phobic anxiety.

There were no differences in the effectiveness of treatment among the two groups, showing that mindfulness group therapy is just…Read More

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