Bernstein: Barkley Jumps Into Big Game

December 13, 2017
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December 14, 2017

Bernstein: Barkley Jumps Into Big Game

CBS Local Sports

You may have done a double-take Tuesday night when flipping away from the nationally televised NBA games, thinking you saw Charles Barkley on or around a stage in Alabama as Doug Jones celebrated a victory.

The Democratic underdog had just defeated Republican Roy Moore in a special election for an open U.S. Senate seat, shocking the country and the reddest of deep-red states by coming in ahead by just over 20,000 total votes. And there was Barkley, indeed, mixing it up alongside backers reveling in Birmingham.

He had spent the eve of the election exhorting a crowd at a rally to vote for Jones and against Moore — an openly and proudly bigoted candidate also accused by multiple women of molesting them as girls when he was in his 30s — by urging his home state to embrace decency and the right side of history.

“At some point we have to stop looking like idiots to the nation,” he said, while also taking a swipe at the racist politics of activist Steve Bannon, who was campaigning on behalf of Moore. “Only in Alabama could you send a white nationalist separatist who don’t believe in race mixing to come to Alabama three times and get cheered at a Roy Moore rally,” Barkley said. “That is crazy.”

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Barkley helped turn out an inspired black vote that proved decisive, despite his history of staying on the political sidelines, outside of some social and commercial stances and provocative proclamations in…Read More

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