Stop sleeping with your cell phone

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Stop sleeping with your cell phone

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Anything closer than arm’s length could cause cancer and infertility, health officials warn

  • The California Department of Health released advice to minimize cell phone radiation exposure 
  • Radiation from the devices has been linked to cancer and infertility
  • Children’s developing brains may be particularly vulnerable 
  • Exposure risks are highest when cell phones have fewer bars of service or are downloading or streaming media 

The California Department of Health warned that people need to keep their cell phones several feet away from them to reduce radiation exposure and health risks.

California released guidance for reducing exposure to cell phone radiation on Thursday, amid mounting evidence that cell phone use may be linked to cancer, attention, mental health and reproductive health issues.

Cell phones transmit information using low frequency radio signals, which may expose us to unhealthy radiation, especially when streaming or downloading large files.

Research has not been able to prove definitively that cell phone radiation is dangerous, but there have been enough studies linking the two to warrant caution, especially for children, according to the health department press release.

New guidance from the California Department of Health warns that cell phones should be kept several feet away from the body when not in use to avoid risks of cancer and infertility

The statewide notice comes after several cities, including Berkeley and San Francisco, issued local warnings that their citizens should make some distance between their phones and their bodies.

The radiofrequency (RF) energy cell phones use to transmit information are at…Read More

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