INCLUSIVENESS: Ever-expanding LGBT acronym may soon be expanded

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December 15, 2017
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INCLUSIVENESS: Ever-expanding LGBT acronym may soon be expanded

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INCLUSIVENESS: Ever-expanding LGBT acronym may soon be expanded to include men who enjoy having intercourse with the tailpipes of automobiles

(Natural News) If you weren’t already convinced of God’s impending judgment for the utterly perverse planet earth in 2017, the newfangled “Objectum Sexual” movement is sure to solidify your personal awakening. This latest extension of LGBTQ-et. al. represents a group of deranged people who claim that they are sexually attracted to inanimate objects like chandeliers and car tailpipes, with which they desire to have sexual relations.

It’s cringeworthy to even have to type all of this out, but perverts who belong to the sect of “Objectum Sexual” actually believe that their attraction to lifeless matter is an indicator of their sexual identity, which is completely detached from anything that’s actually alive. These LGBTQ-OSs insist that it’s completely normal for them to want to procreate with random objects in whatever specific form that feels appealing at the time.

In the case of 33-year-old Amanda “Liberty” from Leeds, England, her preference centers around hanging light fixtures and large metal objects, which is why she’s planning to get married to a 90-year-old chandelier that she refers to as “Lumiere.” Liberty, who assigned herself this fake surname based on her love affair with the Statue of Liberty (whom she refers to as “Libby”), says she “proposed” to her Lumiere chandelier last Valentine’s Day, claiming that she’s completely in love with it.

“As soon as I saw Lumiere on eBay, I knew immediately that she was…Read More

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