A break from reality: the path of the artist

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December 20, 2017
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December 20, 2017

A break from reality: the path of the artist

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A break from reality: the path of the artist

by Jon Rappoport

December 19, 2017

“The artist invents new space, where there wasn’t space before, and then he creates new energies there. Artists produce unprecedented dimensions and worlds.” (The Magician Awakes, Jon Rappoport)

Among all spiritual paths described by teachers, now and in the past, the one represented by artists is unique.

Quintessentially unique.

Why? Because—and this is vital to understand—the path of the artist has no explicit cosmology, no preordained content, no catalog of wisdom.

In other words, no prior meaning has been imposed on it.

This is not a path replete with its own metaphysics.

No one is in charge of the path.

For all these reasons, the path of the artist is not normally recognized as being spiritual.

And yet it is. It is forged in freedom, and it has been established by artists from the dawn of time, from the moment the first human scratched the first drawing on the wall of a cave.

He was saying, “Reality is not final.”

“The wisdom of the clan isn’t the only wisdom.”

He was saying, “This path is for the individual.”

Who knows what price he paid for his daring?

But he opened the way for all artists to come.

There is a line that separates everything a person knows from the Mystery that lies beyond.

Most people are content to rearrange and filter and study what they already know. They may glimpse the sea of mystery, but…Read More

Lakeem Khodra
Lakeem Khodra
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