Melbourne attack driver had mental health issues but no terror connection

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Melbourne attack driver had mental health issues but no terror connection

epa06401079 A damaged vehicle at the scene of an incident on Flinders Street, in Melbourne, Australia, 21 December 2017. Twelve people are being treated by paramedics after a car, understood to be a white Suzuki SUV, ploughed into pedestrians in central Melbourne. EPA-EFE/JOE CASTRO AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND OUT


Melbourne, Australia (CNN)The driver of a car which plowed into Christmas shoppers in Melbourne Thursday had a history of drug use and mental health issues, police said.

Acting chief commissioner of Victoria Police Shane Patton told reporters that while the crash was considered to be deliberate, there was no evidence of a link to terrorism.
Eighteen people were injured, including at least one young child, when the car hit pedestrians outside Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street station just after 4.40 p.m. local time.

Latest developments

  • Police said the 32-year-old driver was the sole occupant of the white Suzuki 4WD at the time of the crash.
  • He’s an Australian citizen of Afghan descent who was known to police but only for minor offenses.
  • A second man arrested at the scene is not believed to be connected to the incident, police said.
  • There’s been no change in the state’s threat levels.

What happened

The streets outside Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station was busy with commuters and shoppers Thursday when witnesses said the SUV plowed into people crossing the street.
Witnesses told CNN affiliate Seven Network they saw people flung into the air after being hit by the car, which was barreling down the road at around 60 miles per hour (100 kph).
Police arrived on the scene within 15 seconds and the man was taken into custody by an off-duty police officer after attempting to resist arrest, Patton said. Both…Read More
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