Merry Christmas and a celebration of 10 things to be thankful for today

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Merry Christmas and a celebration of 10 things to be thankful for today

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(Natural News) Merry Christmas from the Health Ranger, and thank God it’s finally okay to say “Merry Christmas” again in America.

This Christmas, it seems like a time for special introspection as we head into 2018, a year that’s sure to be tumultuous. Yet despite the many areas of chaos and uncertainty we all face in the near future, there are things happening right now that are worth celebrating, too. In this Christmas article, I list 10 things to be thankful for right now:

#1) Your body is a miraculous self-healing system

If your body wasn’t a miraculous self-healing system, you wouldn’t even be alive right now. Consider all the infections you’ve beat, all the injuries you’ve healed and all the times you’ve made it through cuts, scrapes, accidents or close calls. Your body is genetically programmed to function as a self-repairing biological system, meaning you already possess the most astonishing nanotechnology in the cosmos. In fact, it works on autopilot, without you even having to think about it.

To “activate” your greatest healing potential, of course, you need the right nutrition, providing your body with the molecular building blocks and valuable elements / minerals it uses to accomplish its tasks. Thankfully, you also live in an era of amazing nutritional abundance with easy access to the world’s most powerful superfoodshealing herbs and healing foods. All you have to do is be wise enough to avail yourself of those solutions, and your body will do the rest.

#2) You live with more freedom than…Read More

Lakeem Khodra
Lakeem Khodra
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