Former guests accuse Dr. Phil of giving drugs, booze to addicts

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Former guests accuse Dr. Phil of giving drugs, booze to addicts

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It may have been a surprise for viewers of “Dr. Phil” to see Todd Herzog — the winner of “Survivor: China” — appear completely drunk in an episode aired in 2013, blowing a whopping .263, which is over three times the legal limit to drive, in a breathalyzer test.

But even more shocking are the bombshell allegations that Herzog, now 32, is making.

In a joint investigative story between STAT and the Boston Globe published Thursday, Herzog, who at the time was battling an alcohol addiction, claims that he was stone-cold sober when he arrived at the show’s Los Angeles studio for the taping — and found a bottle of Smirnoff vodka in his dressing room.

Herzog says he was unable to resist drinking the bottle — and claims that, once he had, a show staffer gave him a Xanax to “calm his nerves.”

He isn’t alone in his accusations. Several “Dr. Phil” guests have come forward to allege that the so-called savior for addicts has put addict guests at risk, whether by leaving them without medical attention or by helping them score drugs throughout the detox process.

“You know, I get that it’s a television show and that they want to show the pain that I’m in,” Herzog told STAT and the Globe. “However, what would have happened if I died there? You know, that’s horrifying.”

A “Dr. Phil” representative declined STAT and the Globe’s request for an interview. CBS reps did not immediately respond to a separate request from The Post seeking comment.

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