Live Australia vs England, fourth Ashes Test day four – live score updates

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Live Australia vs England, fourth Ashes Test day four – live score updates

The Telegraph

  • Scoreboard from the fourth Test at the MCG
  • England all out for 491, a lead of 164
  • James Anderson falls to first ball of the day
  • Alastair Cook’s brilliance takes England back to joy of 2010-11

OVER 13: AUS 44/0 (Bancroft 21* Warner 23*)

Ah, that’s a glorious shot from Warner but it wasn’t Curran’s finest delivery to the left-hander, hanging it out wide enough to let Warner cream it through the covers for four. The opener’s larcenous legs allow him to steal a single with an elongated forward defensive that whizzed past the stumps. Bancroft has a short midwicket stationed for him but Curran strays from attacking his pads and gives him a wide one to crunch through cover for two. Bancroft ends the over by tucking into Curran’s too-full length with a perfect off-drive for four.  That’ll be drinks. Australia have cut the deficit to 120.

OVER 12: AUS 33/0 (Bancroft 15* Warner 18*)

Anderson, under the gaze of the umpire, is authorised to remove a spur of leather sticking up from the ball. A soft three after Woakes overpitches to Warner. Stoneman runs across from cover then doesn’t bend down to pick it up. It was a dummy run to try to gull the batsmen into not running but fooled Stuart Broad at mid-off too and the ball skated past him. Mitchell Johnson is not impressed by England’s ball worrying.

OVER 11: AUS 30/0 (Bancroft 15* Warner 15*)

Bancroft breaks the stranglehold with a back-foot punch in front of point for three. Curran had two slips in for Bancroft…Read More

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