Golden St Warriors Head Coach: Under Trump, Our Core Values Are Under Attack

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Golden St Warriors Head Coach: Under Trump, Our Core Values Are Under Attack

In an interview with USA TODAY Sports, 52-year-old Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr decided to step away from what he knows to speak on something he lacks full knowledge about.

Kerr said that he felt “our core values as a country is under assault,” which was an indirect attack on President Trump. The Warriors turned down an opportunity to visit the White House as NBA Champions because they decided to accept the narrative o the Democrat Party and mainstream media that Trump was dividing this country along racial lines which is a copycat version of what Republicans blamed Barack Obama for during his eight years in the Oval Office.

Obama hurt race relations and nobody, I repeat nobody had the spine to stand up against him and call him out for doing it. Sure many people used social media to cry out but rarely did you see anyone stand up for fear of being attacked by his hounds of hell in government departments.

Kerr’s brazen statement came after being asked about his outspoken nature, “As troubled as you seem to be, is there some gratification for you in trying to share certain messages and sensibilities?” To which he responded, “There’s absolutely an assault on our institutions and our core values as a country… the Constitution..which sums up our country.. is kind of under attack right now.”

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