POLL FRAUD ‘IGNORED’: Vote rigging in Muslim communities

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POLL FRAUD ‘IGNORED’: Vote rigging in Muslim communities

The Sun

Vote rigging in Muslim communities ‘goes unchallenged because PC police are scared of causing offence’

Anit-corruption tsar Sir Eric Pickles said the ‘integrity of democracy’ in Britain is at stake

VOTE rigging in Muslim communities has gone unchallenged because “politically correct” police and other bodies are scared of causing offence, a hard-hitting report reveals today.

Authorities have also turned a “blind eye” to bullying and religious intimidation among Asian communities at election times, former Cabinet Minister Sir Eric Pickles found.

A report has found that police are not tackling vote-rigging in Muslim communities

And he blasted watchdog the Electoral Commission for making the problem worse by promoting the use of foreign languages at polling stations, saying it “leaves the door open to fraud”.

The situation is so bad that Sir Eric called for the most dramatic overhaul of Britain’s electoral system ever – warning the “integrity of democracy” is at stake.

Authorities are afraid of being seen as offensive, the report stated

David Cameron appointed Communities Secretary Sir Eric anti-corruption tsar to probe electoral fraud in the wake of a major voting scandal in Tower Hamlets, East London.

Lutfur Rahman was booted out as mayor after being found guilty of corrupt and illegal practices after being accused of claiming racism and Islamophobia to silence his critics.

Lutfur Rahman was removed as Mayor of Tower Hamlets for corrupt and illegal practices

Last year’s general election was also blighted by radical Muslims intimidating voters at polling stations by claiming that…Read More

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