Health Ranger on Alex Jones’ Infowars: “We are going to break the wall of vaccine industry pseudoscience”

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Health Ranger on Alex Jones’ Infowars: “We are going to break the wall of vaccine industry pseudoscience”

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(Natural NewsNatural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, made a recent appearance on the Alex Jones Show after a two-year hiatus to discuss bombshell information about vaccine ingredients and other health-related concerns.

Adams, who had spent a three-year hiatus from the founder’s daily program to build and certify CWC Labs, where he is science director, noted that he believes there is a nexus between the chemical poisons in a lot of our foods and medicines and Americans’ tendency to be taken in by fake, malicious news from “mainstream” legacy outlets like CNN, the Washington Post, and The New York Times — despite the fact that they are routinely wrong.

“That would not be possible unless people were also being poisoned and kept nutritionally deficient,” he told Jones. “It’s the deficiency, it’s the poisoning of the food supply… it’s the poisoning of the vaccines, which they’re pushing very heavily right now because of the whole flu push, combined with the information war of the mainstream media. It’s a binary weapons system, Alex, that’s what’s being pushed by the mainstream.”

Adams said a big contributor to the poisoning of our society is biosludge — which he describes in a feature documentary on the subject as “the greatest environment crime you’ve never known.” Essentially it is a combination of waste byproducts from humans, animals, and industrialization that has been turned into fertilizer — meaning all of those toxins are finding their way right back into our food chain.

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