Ten years of Natural News science now confirmed by everybody else

Google Has An Actual Secret Speech Police
January 22, 2018
FBI Official: FBI Agents Threatened Physical Harm to President Trump In Missing FBI Texts & Other “Frightening” Communications
January 23, 2018

Ten years of Natural News science now confirmed by everybody else

Natural News

(Natural News) As you may have seen, President Trump recently announced the winners of his hilariously named “Fake News Awards,” highlighting the worst of the worst in mainstream media reporting on news that didn’t actually happen – and thus wasn’t actual news. It was a real crack-up that drew attention to the utter failure of many so-called news outlets to keep the people informed on what’s really happening in the world for real – and not just what they wish was happening in their coddled, “snowflake” fantasy reality.

Natural News has been a key player in helping to bring real news to the table when most everyone else was stuck in a mindless obsession with the fake stuff. Much of the groundbreaking news we’ve reported on here over the years has since made its way into the mainstream – but only after the bravery of independent journalists first put these issues on the radar, forcing the hand of the antiquated “dinosaur” media to either get caught up or else face ever-shrinking readership and support.

The following topics represent some of the biggest stories that Natural News broke while the “fake news” legacy media was covering up the truth:

1. Trans fats are dangerous and have no place in the food supply
Many mainstream news outlets have struggled to come up with an explanation for why so many people in the West are developing chronic disease these days. Natural News was among the first to highlight the dangers of so-called “trans fats,” which are artificially…Read More

Lakeem Khodra
Lakeem Khodra
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