Make your own calendula extract

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January 27, 2018
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Make your own calendula extract

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Make your own calendula extract: Step by step instructions for this multipurpose medicine

(Natural News) Don’t get preppers wrong. They’re not just prepared for when SHTF, they also know how to stop and smell the flowers… while also considering their medical properties. For example, calendula, or the marigold, has a lot of herbal uses. (h/t to

Calendula has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can also roll a ball of calendula petals between your fingers, which can be applied directly to an insect bite or nettle sting. This will help numb any pain that you’re feeling. (Related: Calendula can reduce inflammation, heal the skin and help protect the heart.)

Making the calendula extract

To make the extract, you will need some dried calendula petals. Dry them in the sun or in a warm and airy place to maximize the medicinal properties of the versatile flower. The calendula extract can be stored for a long time, and is a worthy addition to any herbal medicine cabinet.


  • At least 50 grams (g) of dried calendula petals
  • Enough grain alcohol to cover the petals (at least 500 to 700 ml)


  1. Pack the calendula into a clean container. Make sure the petals aren’t too tightly packed, then pour the alcohol over it. Stir the mixture gently and keep it out of direct sunlight for two weeks.
  2. Gently mix and press the petals every two to three days. Let it infuse.
  3. Strain the liquid into a wide and clean dish using a muslin cloth. Squeeze the…Read More
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