Eoin Morgan takes one for the team

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February 6, 2018
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February 6, 2018

Eoin Morgan takes one for the team

Daily Mail Online

Eoin Morgan takes one for the team as Mark Wood’s misplaced throw glances England captain across the face

  • England have been preparing for their Tri-series showdown with Australia
  • Eoin Morgan’s side meet Australia for their second match on Wednesday
  • Mark Wood dealt Morgan a blow when his throw caught him in the face
  • Morgan lay on the turf of the Bellerive Cricket Oval holding his face
  • Wood joked on Instagram: ‘Note to self… don’t hit the captain in the face’

Mark Wood was treading a fine line in England training on Monday by putting Eoin Morgan’s sense of humour to the test with a mistimed throw that struck him in the face.

As England prepared for their second Tri-series match against Australia on Wednesday, all-rounder Wood may have put his place in the side at risk after accidentally catching the face of captain Morgan during a fielding exercise.

The ball was hurled high and long by a batsman setting up the exercise, it was well gathered by Wood, who looked to complete a slick piece of boundary-defence by passing the to Morgan as they overlapped. Morgan though, wasn’t expecting it.

Eoin Morgan took a minute to himself during England training after being hit in the face

The England captain was participating in a fielding drill with Mark Wood on Monday

Wood (right) was in charge of collecting the ball before handing it to captain Morgan

As they crossed, Wood’s pass caught Morgan square in the nose. It was hard not…Read More

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