October 16, 2017

It’s Official: President Trump’s Stock Market Rally – Fastest 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 Point Increases in Dow History!

The Gateway Pundit Guest post by Joe Hoft President Trump is Enjoying the Greatest Stock Market Rally Ever – And It Keeps Getting Better! The DOW Is […]
October 15, 2017

Fox Defends ‘Transformation’ in Reply to Call for Board Shake-Up

Bloomberg Investor seeks changes in wake of sexual-harassment scandal Murdoch group faces shareholder meeting, U.K. ruling on Sky Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox defended its internal […]
October 14, 2017

The Finance 202: McCain could give the same thumbs-down to a tax overhaul as he did to health care

Washington Post It’s a specter that should stalk the nightmares of Republican leaders: a Senate chamber, packed on Christmas Eve, as lawmakers gather to decide the fate of […]
October 12, 2017

Financial Foolery at MGM!

STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS From my FB page, a comment by a patriot… Insider Trading Vegas False Flag Soros and MGM Stock Sell Short Put options purchased […]
October 11, 2017

Millennials Have Never Been More In Debt, And It Is Creating A Major Risk For The Economy

Zero Hedge There is a seemingly unlimited number of disconnects in financial markets these days, not the least of which is the shocking divergence in recent […]
October 9, 2017

The Glut of Private Jets Means ‘Insane’ Bargains for Buyers

Bloomberg Used-plane prices still falling, with discounts on new models Manufacturers resist being first to blink in cutting output Corporate-jet makers are flooding the market, spurring […]
October 8, 2017

Is this the melt-up in the stock market before Wall Street’s meltdown?

Market Watch J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America are among the banks set to deliver third-quarter results next week If bull markets die in […]
October 5, 2017

Asset prices are high across the board. Is it time to worry?

The Economist With ultra-loose monetary policy coming to an end, it is best to tread carefully IN HIS classic, “The Intelligent Investor”, first published in 1949, […]
October 3, 2017

Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Wired $100,000 to Philippines Last Week

NBC News Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock wired $100,000 to an account in his live-in girlfriend’s home country, the Philippines, in the week before he unleashed […]
October 2, 2017

Apple now sells an iPhone dongle with a headphone jack and charging port

The Verge The new Belkin adapter is $35 and available at Apple retail stores It took an entire year after the release of the iPhone 7 […]
October 1, 2017

Care/Don’t Care: The ‘Essential’ phone review

Circa Essential is a new Android phone company. And right out of the gate, its first phone does probably a better job than any at capturing […]
September 30, 2017

China’s Central Bank Unveils Targeted Lending Plan to Aid Growth

Bloomberg Reduction aims to help entrepreneurs and farmers obtain credit Central bank repeats prudent, neutral monetary policy pledge China’s central bank said it will reduce the […]
September 29, 2017

Special Report: Chaos and hackers stalk investors on cryptocurrency exchanges

Reuters LONDON, SHANGHAI, NEW YORK (Reuters) – Dan Wasyluk discovered the hard way that trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin happens in an online Wild West where […]
September 28, 2017

Record $135 billion a year for illegal immigration, average $8,075 each, $25,000 in NY

Washington Examiner The swelling population of illegal immigrants and their kids is costing American taxpayers $135 billion a year, the highest ever, driven by free medical […]
September 27, 2017

Big Pharma Is Getting Hit With a Huge Wave of Opioid Suits

Fortune It wasn’t a coincidence that the corporate suits showed up for the Mingo County Commission meeting last May. On the agenda was a vote about […]
September 26, 2017


Infowars Is the Barack Obama Foundation following the Clinton Foundation on the pathway to charity fraud? WASHINGTON, D.C. – The IRS Form 990 tax filings reported […]
September 25, 2017

Exclusive – Rick Santorum on Graham-Cassidy: ‘This Is the First Real Bullet for Obamacare’

Breitbart News Network Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum told Breitbart News Daily host Raheem Kassam that the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal bill can still pass through the Senate. Santorum […]
September 24, 2017

Healthcare Costs Are Going Nowhere but Up — and Workers Are Feeling the Pain

The Motley Fool Most U.S. employees saw their healthcare costs rise last year — and they’re not happy about it. To hear that numerous Americans are […]
September 22, 2017

Target Tries to Solve an In-Store Shopping Problem

The Motley Fool The company seeks to lead customers where they want to go. One of the major frustrations for shoppers comes when they know what […]
September 21, 2017

Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For

Bloomberg The company’s operation in Michigan reveals how it’s dominated the industry by going into economically depressed areas with lax water laws. In rural Mecosta County, […]
September 20, 2017

Federal Reserve to begin shrinking its assets next month

MSN Federal Reserve officials set an October start for shrinking their $4.5 trillion stockpile of assets, moving to unwind a pillar of their crisis-era support for […]
September 19, 2017

Stock market edges to new round of records as investors await Fed

MarketWatch Dollar slips as policy makers kick off two-day meeting All three main U.S. stock indexes ended at all-time highs on Tuesday, as Federal Reserve policy […]
September 18, 2017

Obama Goes From White House to Wall Street in Less Than One Year

Bloomberg Ex-president speaks to Carlyle, Cantor, Northern Trust ‘If someone is willing to pay him to give a speech, God bless’ Hillary Clinton says she made a mistake […]
September 17, 2017

Global Oil Demand is Surging But That’s Still Not Enough to Fix the Oil Market

The Motley Fool Here’s why the fastest growth in two years is barely denting stockpiles. The oil industry just can’t seem to snap out of its […]
September 16, 2017

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Is Stashing Millions Offshore

Stone Cold Truth (By Jim Treacher at Daily Caller) I’ve been skeptical of the Southern Poverty Law Center ever since August 2012, when their “Hate Map” […]
September 14, 2017

Bitcoin cultists PANIC as China to outlaw Bitcoin exchanges… price plummets 25%… proponents SHOCKED to discover governments can destroy cryptocurrencies

Natural News (Natural News) Bitcoin cultists who believed they had discovered a perpetual money generation shortcut that bypassed the laws of economic reality are suddenly shocked […]
September 13, 2017

The Equifax breach may have exposed 143 million people’s Social Security numbers — but here’s why you shouldn’t freak out

Business Insider The Equifax data breach was serious. Equifax, one of the three credit reporting agencies in the US, announced that it was compromised between mid-May […]
September 12, 2017

Why you might want to freeze your credit now

MSN In the wake of the Equifax data breach that has exposed an estimated 143 million customer records to hackers, consumer credit experts have been recommending […]
September 11, 2017

3 Retirement Rules Everyone Should Follow

The Motley Fool Don’t make your retirement planning more complicated than it needs to be. Preparing for retirement is a daunting task, and many people have […]
September 10, 2017

Plagued by scandal, for-profit colleges target single mothers

MarketWatch Single mothers are overrepresented at for-profit colleges, new study finds Student parents are often motivated to attend college out of a desire to create a […]
September 8, 2017

Hurricane Irma to Test New Codes Put in Place After Andrew

The Wall Street Journal Florida responded to Hurricane Andrew with some of the strictest building codes in the country MIAMI—After Hurricane Andrew pummeled Florida 25 years […]
September 6, 2017

Sen. John McCain Refuses Questions On $9 Million Dollars

Stone Cold Truth (NevoNews.co) The question we all want to know, is where did it come from? John McCain keeps hiding and refuses to answer that question! […]
September 5, 2017

BofA: Even The Bubbles Are Becoming More “Bubbly” Thanks To Central Banks

Zero Hedge Back in June, Citi’s credit strategist Hans Lorenzen pointed out that while QE had failed to spark inflation across the broader economy, it had achieved something […]
September 5, 2017

Wells Fargo now accused of unfair home-mortgage rate hikes

New York Post Wells Fargo apparently had more than one way to cheat customers who were refinancing their homes. The scandal-plagued bank’s Beverly Hills, Calif. branch […]
September 4, 2017

Female Entrepreneurs Say They Faced Sexism Until They Invented A Male Co-Founder

The Daily Caller Two female entrepreneurs who claim to have faced sexism when launching their Los Angeles-based startup say that inventing an imaginary male co-founder made […]
September 4, 2017

DHS Blows $5 Mil on Polygraphs for “Unsuitable” Job Applicants Who Admit Criminal Acts, Drug Use

Judicial Watch The front-line Homeland Security agency charged with keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the United States wasted $5 million on lie detector tests […]
September 4, 2017

Red Cross Admits It Doesn’t Know How Hurricane Harvey Donation Money Is Spent

Zero Hedge Though the Red Cross has a historical reputation for providing relief to victims of natural disasters and other emergencies, the organization’s practices have tarnished its […]
September 3, 2017

Frustration mounts over premiums for individual health plans

Townhall WASHINGTON (AP) — Millions of people who buy individual health insurance policies and get no financial help from the Affordable Care Act are bracing for […]
September 3, 2017

Criticizing Google may have cost these scholars their jobs, but they’re only getting started

Mashable You have to be a little flattered when a company as powerful as Google feels the need to go after you. “I think of it […]
September 3, 2017

Financial apocalypse in the making: 78% of American workers now living paycheck to paycheck

Natural News (Natural News) Many people think that earning more money is the solution to their financial woes, but a recent Harris poll that was carried […]
September 3, 2017

An Update To The Gab Feed and NSFW Settings

Medium This week we rolled out an update to two existing Gab features: the main feed and our Not Safe For Work settings. During this rollout […]
September 2, 2017

The startup burning $1 million a month in hopes of selling $1 billion of pot a year

MarketWatch Exclusive investor documents show complicated business of Eaze, the dominant weed-delivery offering in California Cannabis delivery startup Eaze Solutions Inc. has a lofty goal: By […]
September 1, 2017

Another blow from Harvey: Rising home prices and rents

MSN It might seem like Houston’s historic flood would make America’s fourth-largest city a less desirable place to live, but it’s going to get more expensive, […]
August 31, 2017

3 Financial Steps to Take After a Natural Disaster

MSN Hurricanes have a way of reminding people that we are all potentially one natural disasteraway from finding ourselves in big trouble. Hurricane Harvey obviously got everyone’s […]
August 30, 2017

Here’s how bitcoin is dwarfing housing and dot-com bubbles

MarketWatch Critical information for the U.S. trading day Who will blame the investor who’s ready to slam the door on August? As the month draws to […]
August 29, 2017

Dollar General Corp. (DG) Stock Needs More Than Bargains to Survive

InvestorPlace The discount-retail market is currently favorable for DG stock, but don’t expect sustained bullishness. Of all the retail names traded in the markets, Dollar General Corp. […]
August 28, 2017

12 Facts the Social Security Administration Wants You to Know

The Motley Fool Social Security probably covers a lot more than you realize. When it comes to the nation’s most important social programs for seniors, Social […]
August 27, 2017

Mosaic Mine is a Big Loser and a Predator in Florida!

STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS Mosaic Mine is Plymouth Minnesota Company that Lost $11B from February 2017 to August 2017!  The Relative Strength of Mosaic Mine [RS] is […]
August 26, 2017

Starbucks CEO implies it’s perfectly okay to commit violence against Whites, but not non-Whites

Natural News (Natural News) Just days after the events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, an outspoken leftist who has found himself […]
August 25, 2017

Negative Interest Rates Have Come To America

Zero Hedge One of the truly mind-boggling absurdities in modern finance has been the creation of ‘negative interest rates’ around the world. Negative interest rates are […]
August 25, 2017

Taxpayers set to take it on the chin AGAIN as lone insurers swoop into “bare” Obamacare counties to charge higher rates

Natural News (Natural News) The economic raping of taxpayers via Obamacare is set to enter its next phase as smaller insurance companies move into regions of […]
August 25, 2017

Most Americans are ONE paycheck away from poverty — you can’t prep when you’re broke

Natural News (Natural News) Without question, President Donald J. Trump and the Republican-led Congress have a lot of work to do to restore the U.S. economy […]
August 24, 2017

Harry Boxer: These three biotech stocks are breaking out

MarketWatch In focus: Array BioPharma, Immunomedics and Spark Therapeutics Biotechnology companies top our list of stocks breaking out of chart patterns. Array BioPharma Inc. ARRY, +4.72% reached an intraday […]
August 24, 2017

Abercrombie & Fitch fills swimsuit void left by Victoria’s Secret

MarketWatch Youthful retailer’s faceoff with American Eagle in jeans category intensifies Victoria’s Secret has exited the swimwear category, and Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is more than […]
August 24, 2017

Google, Facebook and Twitter now routinely violating the First Amendment to silence all non-conforming voices

Natural News (Natural News) Given the amount of political and ideological censorship that takes place on the Internet nowadays, one has to question whether or not […]
August 24, 2017

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince: Tech ‘Gatekeepers’ Shouldn’t Ban Content; I Made an ‘Exception’ for Daily Stormer

Breitbart News Network Cloudflare chief executive Matthew Prince expressed remorse on Tuesday in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, suggesting that his arbitrary decision to remove […]
August 23, 2017

Pitch from hometowns to skilled workers: Come home

The Christian Science Monitor Recruiters in areas with a dearth of professionals, including Maine, are successfully targeting talent that has local roots, but left for school […]
August 23, 2017

This gluten-removed beer from one of Colorado’s smallest breweries is going national

The Know Brewery Rickoli is one of five breweries featured in a Sam Adams collaboration 12-pack. Brewery Rickoli’s Rick Abitbol is quick with a joke when […]
August 23, 2017

Wall Street Banks Warn Downturn Is Coming

Bloomberg HSBC, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley say end of market boom is nigh Breakdown in trading patterns is signal to get out soon HSBC Holdings Plc, Citigroup […]
August 23, 2017

Treasurys catch haven bid on government shutdown fears

MarketWatch Trump threatened to shut down the government to pay for the border wall between Mexico and the U.S. at a rally in Phoenix Treasurys saw […]