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November 13, 2017

The corporate-controlled media has been weaponized against America

Natural News The corporate-controlled media has been weaponized against America… “disinfo dictatorship” seeks to replace all FACTS with FICTIONS (Natural News) America is under siege. As […]
November 9, 2017

Socialized health care system COLLAPSES in Venezuela

Natural News Socialized health care system COLLAPSES in Venezuela… no more hospital beds, no matter how sick you are (Natural News) It didn’t take long for […]
November 8, 2017

Black Death and incurable Marburg Virus now spreading across Africa’s cities

Natural News Black Death and incurable Marburg Virus now spreading across Africa’s cities… world’s medical system helpless to stop it (Natural News) Africa is currently contending […]
November 7, 2017

Prince William argues for urgent depopulation efforts in Africa

Natural News (Natural News) Prince William recently warned that the population growth in Africa is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the natural world and driving many […]
November 6, 2017

Pandemic FAIL: Global leaders determine the world is unprepared for a global outbreak

Natural News Pandemic FAIL: Global leaders determine the world is unprepared for a global outbreak after multiple simulations reveal outdated communications infrastructure (Natural News) A recently […]
November 5, 2017

Liberal publication “deaf shames” disabled ballet dancer

Natural News Liberal publication “deaf shames” disabled ballet dancer by photoshopping away her cochlear implant for its glamour ad (Natural News) Virgin Active, which is a […]
November 4, 2017

A family’s incredible story of surviving a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness

Natural News (Natural News) Thirty-two-year-old Donald Evans noticed that it was pouring rain, and that a lot of his teeth were missing, as he looked at the broken […]
November 3, 2017

Health Ranger to announce lab verification and product certification service

Natural News Health Ranger to announce lab verification and product certification service for CBD oils and non-THC hemp extracts (Natural News) Coming in early 2018, I […]
November 2, 2017

Vaccine industry in panic as scientific study solves the riddle of why flu shots don’t work

Natural News (Natural News) The flu shot is a quack science medical hoax. While some vaccines do confer immunization effectiveness, the flu shot isn’t one of […]
November 1, 2017

Are you a daydreamer? A new study says that means you’re extra smart and creative

Natural News (Natural News) Do you find your mind wandering at work? New research reveals that daydreaming is not actually bad; instead it is a sign […]
October 31, 2017

Glyphosate to be banned across Europe? Massive war raging, and poison pushing Monsanto is playing dirty

Natural News (Natural News) It’s a war of the experts, and Monsanto – the world’s most evil corporation – has billions of dollars riding on the outcome. […]
October 30, 2017

Proof of illegal kickbacks

Natural News Doctor admits he was compensated by opioid manufacturer for issuing unnecessary prescriptions (Natural News) A Rhode Island-based physician has recently admitted to participating in […]
October 29, 2017

Dr. Paul Offit EXPOSED as the “Skeptical Raptor” internet troll and science bully — exclusive inside story

Natural News (Natural News) Imagine if you found out from your doctor that you had breast cancer, or that your child developed autism after the pediatrician […]
October 28, 2017

The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks

Natural News Natural News to expose the shocking true history of science and medicine on November 7… see video trailer (Natural News) On November 7, 2017, […]
October 27, 2017

New report claims opioids killed more Americans last year than the entire Vietnam War… worst is yet to come

Natural News (Natural News) A new paper that was released on Wednesday, October 18 by Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) showed that the abuse of […]
October 26, 2017

Health Ranger: Why independence science TERRIFIES the food and supplement industries (but shouldn’t)

Natural News (Natural News) Over the last few years, Natural News has set something in motion that absolutely terrifies the food and supplement industries. What have we done […]
October 25, 2017

Why most multivitamins end up in the toilet and how to really solve a vitamin and mineral deficiency

Natural News (Natural News) The scenario of widespread disease has been slowly but surely infiltrating our society, and whether it was on purpose or by accident, […]
October 24, 2017

You can “turn off” aggressive breast cancer genes and make tumors treatable by eating Brussel sprouts and drinking green tea, according to new study

Natural News (Natural News) A new study finds that eating brussel sprouts and drinking green tea can “turn off” aggressive breast cancer genes and make tumors […]
October 23, 2017

Reducing unnecessary surgeries: New tech identifies lesions most likely to develop into breast cancer

Natural News (Natural News) Thousands of women each year subject themselves to painful and invasive surgeries to get rid of breast lesions which turn out to be […]
October 22, 2017

CDC-funded study finds shockingly high rate of miscarriages among pregnant women who receive flu shots

Natural News (Natural News) If you were told that obediently getting your flu shot every year would give you a 40 to 60 percent shot at […]
October 21, 2017

LAUNCHING: See the new lab test results format for supplements, superfoods and fast food

Natural News (Natural News) As promised, the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center is rolling out a new format that details the lab test results for off-the-shelf products, […]
October 20, 2017

The global ecosystem is rapidly collapsing… insect biomass plummets 75% in one generation

Natural News The global ecosystem is rapidly collapsing… insect biomass plummets 75% in one generation… scientists warn of “decimation”… humanity may not survive much longer (Natural […]
October 19, 2017

PROFIT at any cost: Big Pharma’s bribery and kickback schemes led to deaths of U.S. soldiers

Natural News (Natural News) The families of U.S. troops who have been killed or injured while fighting overseas in Iraq have filed a lawsuit against multiple U.S. and […]
October 18, 2017

Childhood obesity skyrocketing across America, and Big Pharma can’t wait for future wave of patients needing drugs for everything

Natural News (Natural News) Parents lead their children by example, and today’s youth are suffering in a big way because of their poor role models. America […]
October 17, 2017

The end is near? Antibiotic resistance to spell the end of chemical medicine

Natural News (Natural News) Will Big Pharma’s reign over the modern world of medical practice soon come to an end? England’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame […]
October 16, 2017

Washington Post: U.S. Congress engineered DEA racket to protect Big Pharma’s opioid drug giants

Natural News (Natural News) Although best known for publishing fake news or being forced give back a Pulitzer prize after being caught committing fake journalism, the Washington Post occasionally stumbles […]
October 15, 2017

Anti-establishment genius inventing DIY homemade pharmaceutical desktop factory so citizens can bypass Big Pharma price gouging

Natural News (Natural News) Would you be willing to take some risks to save yourself thousands of dollars a year on pricey medications? Michael Laufer, a […]
October 14, 2017

The top 20 fears of Millennials reveal an astonishing decline in self-reliance and practical intelligence

Natural News (Natural News) Researchers from Goldsmiths University in London found out that not being able to find a WiFi spot and forgetting passwords to different online log-in accounts […]
October 13, 2017

All the Health Ranger’s warnings about Big Pharma are now coming true thanks to the opioid epidemic

Natural News All the Health Ranger’s warnings about Big Pharma are now coming true thanks to the opioid epidemic… and journalists are finally sounding the alarm […]
October 12, 2017

Parade of dirtbags: Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel, Harvey Weinstein all exposed as liberal Hollywood elitists who abuse women

Natural News (Natural News) Sometimes the longer you boil the pot, the more the scum rises to the top. It’s called “Hollywood.” That’s what we’re all […]
October 11, 2017

Big Pharma about to be devastated with multi-state lawsuits that demand compensation for opioid addiction health care costs

Natural News (Natural News) What many are now referring to as the “opioid crisis” represents one of the worst epidemics of our time, claiming more than […]
October 9, 2017

Zinc supplements found to protect against esophageal cancer

Natural News (Natural News) A new study finds that zinc supplements can help prevent cancer in the esophagus, as reported by Science Daily. Researchers at the University of Texas […]
October 8, 2017

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton drops BOMBSHELL, echoes the Health Ranger: “I don’t trust the FBI”

Natural News (Natural News) Following my publication of a popular article that asks whether we can trust the FBI in this Las Vegas shooting investigation, the president of […]
October 7, 2017

Obama admin deliberately put firearms into the hands of drug dealers who killed more people than died in Las Vegas

Natural News (Natural News) Left-wing Democrats and their hypocrite allies in Hollywood and the media have blamed Republicans, conservatives, the NRA, and the Trump administration for […]
October 6, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Bone Broth Protein products found to contain insect repellent, antibiotics and prescription drugs – Consumer Wellness Center

Natural News (Natural News) Popular Bone Broth Protein products sold by companies like Ancient Nutrition, Left Coast and PrecisionNaturalshave been found to contain an array of chemicals, according to mass […]
October 5, 2017

BREAKING: Law enforcement says Las Vegas shooter “did not act alone” … new details

Natural News (Natural News) In a stunning statement that adds further weight to many of the questions raised by Natural News and other independent media leaders […]
October 3, 2017

Gun control vs MEDICATION control

Natural News Gun control vs MEDICATION control: FDA-approved prescription drugs kill more Americans each day than the entire casualty count from the Las Vegas Mandalay massacre […]
October 2, 2017

One of the world’s largest supervolcanoes nearing eruption, scientists warn… would cause global cooling

Natural News (Natural News) As the global warming parade eagerly waits in anticipation for Earth’s temperatures to rise, a group of scientists warn that one of the world’s […]
October 1, 2017

Undercover Antifa video unveils coordinated plans to trap conservatives in “kill zones” to be stabbed and murdered by deranged Left-wing weirdos

Natural News (Natural News) A shocking new undercover video has surfaced, created by Steve Crowder, a radio host / comedian who went undercover for months to […]
September 30, 2017 exposed as a Monsanto propaganda rag after caught publishing Henry Miller “editorial” that was actually ghostwritten by Monsanto

Natural News (Natural News) Newly uncovered documents that the Baum, Hedlund, Aristei, and Goldman law firm has dubbed the “Monsanto Papers” reveal yet again the dirty […]
September 29, 2017

Groundbreaking study reveals 20% of all deaths now caused by junk food and toxic food ingredients

Natural News (Natural News) Here I was, strolling up to a cancer fundraising event for a relative I hardly knew. I heard the sounds of drunken […]
September 28, 2017

BREAKING: France to criminally prosecute drug company for false marketing of diabetes drug that killed 2,000 people

Natural News (Natural News) How would you feel if a beloved family member died because of the greed of a pharmaceutical company that knowingly continued marketing […]
September 27, 2017

Whole Foods pushes TOXIC blood-clotting canola oil in more than 50% of their packaged products and at the prepared food bar

Natural News (Natural News) The slogan on the Whole Foods website says, “Eat real food.” Sure. Then at the top of the home page they claim, […]
September 26, 2017

Stanford University fellow Henry Miller exposed as academic prostitute for Monsanto who peddled fake editorials to

Natural News (Natural News) A long-time science propagandist for the GMO industry, Henry I. Miller has just been exposed as an academic prostitute for Monsanto. Named a “Robert Wesson […]
September 25, 2017

Anti-cancer herb extract found to be ten times more effective when combined with aminolevulinic acid (ALA)

Natural News (Natural News) Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) recently discovered the potential of using the anti-malarial drug artemisinin in combination with aminolevulinic […]
September 24, 2017

New AI can diagnose Alzheimer’s 10 years before human doctors

Natural News (Natural News) Researchers from Italy have developed a machine-learning algorithm that can detect signs of Alzheimer’s disease almost 10 years before human doctors can. […]
September 22, 2017

Vaccine cultists try to explain away newly discovered link between flu shots and spontaneous abortions

Natural News (Natural News) A recent study published in the journal Vaccine showed that there was a “strong association” between repeated seasonal flu shots and miscarriages. For anyone […]
September 21, 2017

Vaccine industry celebrates Disneyland measles outbreak operation as a huge success, seeks to model similar outbreaks for more fear propaganda

Natural News (Natural News) There’s nothing quite as effective as a good outbreak story to keep the masses in line when it comes to vaccines. While […]
September 20, 2017

Puerto Rico DIRECT HIT by Hurricane Maria… interview with Dane Wigington reveals “weather weaponization” may be the culprit

  Natural News (Natural News) Puerto Rico has just received a direct hit from Hurricane Maria, a category-4 storm with 155 mph winds at its core. […]
September 19, 2017

Climate change science implodes as IPCC climate models found to be “totally wrong” … temperatures aren’t rising as predicted … hoax unraveling

Natural News (Natural News) A stunning new science paper authored by climate change alarmists and published in the science journal Nature Geoscience has just broken the back of […]
September 18, 2017

Women who carry excess abdominal fat have a 50% chance of developing lung and bowel cancer

Natural News (Natural News) A new study found that women who carry excess abdominal fat have more chances of having lung and bowel cancer, according to […]
September 18, 2017

California bows to communist China pressure to halt a resolution on human rights

Natural News (Natural News) Democrat politicians in California have no hesitation about speaking “truth” to power when it comes to their opposition to the policies of President […]
September 18, 2017

Avocados found to improve eye health in aging adults

Natural News (Natural News) Most of us have heard of macular degeneration and know that it relates to vision loss. This condition is so common that […]
September 18, 2017

Sleep quality affects eyewitness memory of a crime, according to scientists

Natural News (Natural News) A study by Michigan State University (MSU) scientists found that sleep may affect an eyewitness’s memory of a crime, as reported by the Science […]
September 18, 2017

Same mainstream media attacking football as “unsafe for the brain” says nothing about brain-damaging mercury in vaccines

Natural News (Natural News) Football is suddenly facing a tremendous amount of scrutiny for its potential to cause irreparable damage to players. While any number of […]
September 17, 2017

PROOF: Flu shuts are the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world

Natural News (Natural News) As one of the very few independent voices willing to stand up against the scientific dogma of our modern medical regime, I’ve […]
September 16, 2017

New York Times: Spike the food supply with sterilization chemicals to cause global infertility and depopulation

Natural News (Natural News) A November 4, 1969 New York Times feature article authored by Gladwin Hill called for sterilization chemicals to be added to the […]
September 14, 2017

Unable to develop a new antibiotic drug for decades, new research “discovers” potential in a compound from honeybees, ignoring the fact that natural medicine has used bee pollen for years

Natural News (Natural News) New research out of the University of Illinois at Chicago illustrating the antimicrobial properties of bee pollen might be surprising to some people, but […]
September 14, 2017

Bitcoin cultists PANIC as China to outlaw Bitcoin exchanges… price plummets 25%… proponents SHOCKED to discover governments can destroy cryptocurrencies

Natural News (Natural News) Bitcoin cultists who believed they had discovered a perpetual money generation shortcut that bypassed the laws of economic reality are suddenly shocked […]
September 13, 2017

CDC-funded study confirms flu shots linked to spontaneous abortions… vaccine experts rush to explain away the findings

Natural News (Natural News) A CDC-funded medical study being published by the medical journal Vaccine has confirmed a shocking link between flu shots and spontaneous abortions in pregnant women. […]