17 of The Very Best Apps to Have

17 of The Very Best Apps to Have

The technological world makes many developments every day. Large scale banks release apps for Android and iOS phones alike that remove the need to have to go to the bank in first place. Before you went anywhere, you always had to account for the time it would take to get public transport or call a cab but now you can book a cab wherever you are to come and pick you at that very location if you need it to be like that. The numerous apps on the internet make it possible to do various things and stay on top of your business and personal commitments without that much hassle

Apple Health

This app lets you monitor your health as you would have guessed but it stands out a lot from the other varieties. It comes implemented with monitors for your physical exertion and breathing and syncs it all up to tell you where you should be and when.


It’s a great therapy and is suited to keep you mentally active and a good way to read during short breaks as well.


Stores passwords to all of your accounts in one safe, encrypted location for you to access whenever you need to.


A simple way to get a collage of news you are actually interested in.

Google Calendar And WhatsApp

Keep up to date with your own schedule and keep in touch with your friends and family.


For mental health and meditation, this is the app for you.


Another app to help with meditation


A repository for knowledge if you ever needed one


Just news with a bit of advertising

Poll Everywhere

Keep audience engaged with your presentations by using Poll Everywhere. It can return you user statistics for you to use later


Keep notes on one app and they will be available on other platforms as well thanks to it’s multi-platforming functionality so that your notes are always easily within reach for you.


If you’ve a list of things to do and are working with others, why not prioritize it accordingly?

Tripit Pro

Going out to travel a lot? Stay ahead of your trips and on top of your schedule with Tripit Pro

Uber And Lyft

Some people don’t have the time to wait for the next bus or they are entertaining guests and don’t want to take them on public transport. Uber and Lyft make it so that you can call a car to your location and get dropped off wherever you need to be.


Get yourself live traffic reports and driving directions on the go!

7-Minute Workout

Need a quick way to stay in shape? Look no further than 7-minute workouts

Microsoft Outlook Mobile

Multiple sources like Gmail and Hotmail combined into one convenient app which also sets reminders for appointments.