UV Floors Provide a Durable, New Floor in a Matter of Minutes

How to Install Laminate Flooring

Most homeowners put off refinishing old hardwood flooring because of the inconvenience. It is not practical to move all furniture from a room in order for the refinisher to sand, clean and apply finish. Then, the room will need to be ready for light use here. A homeowner may feel overwhelmed by the fact that the job will need to be completed again in a matter of years. My Affordable Floors offers a new method to finish hardwood flooring. It takes only seconds to cure and gives you a more durable and long-lasting finish. We are the best choice in UltraViolet Floor Finishing Service for Milwaukee, Racine and the Chicago area!

Ultraviolet floor finishing is a breakthrough in science and technology that provides homeowners with a floor finish option that is both durable and environmentally friendly. UV-cured floors also have zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are odorless.

Pre-finished floors or floors that have been cured with non UV finishes are twice as hard as UV-cured floors. UV finished floors are harder than non-UV floors and more resistant to scratches, scuffs, and marks from shoes heels and soles. They are also more resistant to chemical intrusion and stains than non-UV floors.

My Affordable Floors will finish your floor refinishing job for you. We have the experience and knowledge to help you make the right decisions. Our high-quality equipment, such as our belt sanders and HEPA vacuums, is also available. All of this at a very affordable price. Our hardwood floor refinishing service is excellent. However, our UV floor finishing service allows for an extremely durable and long-lasting finish that can be installed in just hours. We will make sure you are happy with the work we do on your floor.




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