Hotels and Holidays in Cyprus and Algarve: Amazing Sports Events Every Summer

Holidays should not be limited to a few days in the sun. This is a very important aspect of a holiday, especially when it comes to replenishing your spirit and mind. A little exercise is never fatal, and some sport can do wonders for your body. The Algarve and Cyprus offer the perfect holiday for this because they combine sun and What sports . You can enjoy sunbathing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and other water sports in the beautiful waters of the Algarve and Cyprus.

Book one of the Algarve’s top-rated hotels for your next vacation experience. There is plenty of sporting activity in the Algarve, which makes a holiday to the Algarve an ideal choice for everyone. The racing year starts in January with two events: the Almondblossom International Cross-Country Race in Albufeira, and the Grande Premio dos Reis em Atletismo In Faro. The Volta ao Algarve em Bicileta and RDP/Algarve Trophy Race in February mark the rise of cycling. The Algarve International Sailing Tournament is a highlight of the region’s sporting calendar. It takes place in Vilamoura every February. Tennis enthusiasts will love the Vale do Lobo Grand Championship in May and the Portugal Beach Open Tennis Tournament in August. Motorsport enthusiasts will not want to miss the World Motor Boat Championship in May, and World Motocross in August. The September Portimao International Horse Jumping Competition provides a dose old-fashioned sports entertainment. Two golf tournaments are held annually in the Algarve. The Vilamoura Grand Golf Trophy in December and the TAP Golf Tournament November are just two examples of the Algarve’s outstanding golfing.

You will find plenty of hotels in Cyprus and Algarve that are affordable. Although Cyprus is small, it offers many exciting sporting events. The year starts with the Cyprus Sunshine Cup. This 3-day cycling competition is held every year in February. In March, head to the Troodos Mountains for the Troodos Interst Ski Competition. The annual Cyprus Marathon, a race that takes runners through some of the most picturesque parts of Cyprus, is held in Paphos every March. The Larnaca Tennis club hosts the Cyprus Seniors Tennis Cup every May. To see small states win big, make sure you don’t miss XIII Games of Small States of Europe. Eight countries compete in mini Olympic-style games at this sporting event that is held biannually every June. November is a significant month for Cyprus sports with the FIA World Rally Championship and the Cyprus International 4-Day Challenge.

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