Daniela Michelle’s Advice On Starting A Business: Do It!

When you begin a business you’re creating something that’s not even in existence. Although you’re likely being a part of an established industry the idea you are proposing is different. For creator Daniela Michelle, manifesting ideas is what fuels her spirit. As an entrepreneur, she believes that having a company is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

As a first-generation American, Daniela adopted the “by all means necessary” method of living. She could use to become an business owner. Following college, life changed to quite hectic as she relocated to Dallas with her husband, Donovan Ruffin. They were busy working as well as traveling and networking, but most of all, they had fun. They developed an YouTube series to document all the luxury and travels they went through and it didn’t take too long after that they were approached by the Lifetime TV network approached them to host their program Marrying Millions.

However, Daniela was never one to be content for long periods of time, and she began to conduct some soul-searching. While she enjoyed being able to help Don to run his company, she realized this wasn’t the job she was designed to do check over here. Daniela knew she was a lover of real estate and, through her travels, she discovered she was attracted to designs and aesthetics. “I’ve always been fascinated by how things make me feel. I believe that a person is the part of their environment. It’s addictive to make something that was never before,” says Daniela Michelle.

Daniela believes you will gain strength regardless of whether you lose or win in the beginning of a new business. Her design company, Elevation Interiors, a few months after COVID began, which made it challenging to build relationships and establish a the business. “One thing I relied on heavily was trusting my sense of design to get the job done but utilizing my sphere of influence and social media to be able to spread the word and also showcase my results… Overall I think you have to really want it because things don’t just come easily,” Daniela Michelle. Daniela Michelle.

As Daniela thinks about the future, she’s happy to be a mother as she gave birth to her first child and anticipates her wedding to Don. She continues to show her work on the internet as she grows her design business in the Dallas region.



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