Quick Tips For Successfully Moving Furniture

In every life there comes a time when you have to move furniture. If that time is now, then here are a few tips on how to successfully move furniture and not get hurt.

It’s a good idea to take time to study the situation before starting your move. If you’re just moving things around from place to place within your home, you don’t want to get started before you know where you want to move things. Making a layout of each room on grid paper is an excellent method of attack. If that’s too much trouble, then take measurements for each piece. Be sure to also measure each hallway and doorway the piece has to pass through. Also نقل اثاث, measure the place where the piece will go.

The move won’t be so physically taxing if you remove as many drawers as you can and take them individually to the new room. Even taking the cushions and pillows off of sofas and chairs will lighten the load. If necessary, remove any glass tops, mirrors, knobs, handles, legs, feet or any extraneous part in order to avoid parts from “catching” on things as it passes by. Another tip is to remove doors from the hinges because this will provide an extra inch or two for easy passage.

There’s a wonderful product on the market today that can truly increase ease of moving furniture. They are called by different names but basically these little fantastic innovations actually help slide each piece very easily. They are designed to work on hardwood floors as well as carpet. They are wonderful for eliminating scratches and tears on materials such as wood or vinyl.

If you don’t want to use these sliders, you can also use homemade items like a blanket, rags or a small rug. These items will allow you to drag the piece with ease.

Another way to move items is to use a hand truck. The wheels will allow you to simply roll the truck from room to room. A moving dolly works the same way. Even a child’s wagon is great for moving smaller items. After all, the wheel was invented to make life easier so take advantage of it!

Walking items can also be a useful moving method. Simply carefully lean it backwards and “walk” it from side to side slowly, moving forward with every step. If it’s too heavy to lean backwards, then gently push it from side to side being careful not to scratch your floor. This method requires a bit more patience, but it can be quite successful.

There are many tips online on how to move furniture successfully and easily. These are just a few to help you get started. The most important thing is to try to save your back the trouble of lifting or moving things that are too heavy. There are correct ways to lift, to bend and to move that won’t hurt you physically.

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