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The Advantages of Kneeboarding

The thing about playing watersports is that there are so many amazing variants that they make your whole experience all the better. You can go through the list of amazing sports and play whatever you wish to play, and you will not run into any issues whatsoever. One of my favorites is kneeboarding, something that has become a lot more common than it used to be at one point.

As you may have guessed it by the name, you require a kneeboard if you are looking to start kneeboarding. If you want to buy one, and you are new to the market, I would suggest visiting What is 180, and reading some helpful reviews as well.

This will help you understand what you need to look for in these kneeboards. As for now, the focus is entirely on the advantages, so let’s have a look.

It Keeps You Fit

Your body goes through a lot of endurance when it comes to kneeboarding, which basically means that you have the chance to become fitter and fitter. Now the thing that you must know here is that kneeboarding is not going to be an easy job, so you should only do it if you are really looking forward to getting fit through sports like this, by all means, invest in a kneeboard and start practicing.

A Lot of Fun

Another benefit here is that kneeboarding is naturally a lot of fun. You might find some alternatives as well, but as far as kneeboarding is concerned, I do not think there are a lot of things that can rival it. So, make sure that you keep this in mind whenever you are thinking about starting the process of kneeboarding.

The Most Important Scale You Will Ever Learn

People that don’t know anything about guitar often put the instrument on a pedestal, assuming that only absolute masters are able to play it and they are probably not equipped with the necessary skills that would allow them to reach that level of playing. However, a surprising fact is that a lot of the music that you listen to is actually based on one scale: The pentatonic scale.

Most scales have seven notes, at least as far as western music is concerned. The pentatonic scale, however, has fiver notes. This makes it a simpler scale than the major and minor scales, but it has a lot more applications because of the fact that it is so simple. It removes a lot of the denser and more characteristic notes of a scale, thus giving it a far more neutral sound. Adding the pentatonic scale, especially the minor pentatonic scale, to your guitar practice routine will unleash your true potential as a guitar player.

If you are skeptical about how much a single scale can do for you, you should know that some of the greatest songs in history have been played using this scale. The most iconic guitar solo ever made, Stairway to Heaven, was played using a simple A minor pentatonic scale. The same goes for Comfortably Numb, and a wide variety of other rock hits. Learning this scale will give you the skills you need to tackled these amazing solos, and if you are well versed enough in this scale at a certain point you might gain the ability to create incredible solos of your own. This scale is the key to your musical future as long as you use it the right way and learn how it can be applied.