The 10 Best Games to Play on PlayStation 4

The 10 Best Games to Play on PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 has been an incredible improvement over its predecessor and really did usher in a new era of gaming. The number of games that have been released on this console as well as the quality of those games is unlike any other. It is one of the best consoles to have currently and is out-shadowed by few others, but it’s the games that really make the console stand out and here are a few games you ought to play otherwise, can you really say you got the best out of your PS4?


A very rewarding game for skilled players but can be unforgiving to others. This style of play isn’t suited to everyone but is still very much worthy of being a top title for Ps4 owners to check out and play.

God of War

In this latest installation, we get to follow a favourite protagonist in the gaming world through a new adventure, this time he has his son with him!

Horizon Zero Dawn

Follow Aloy, a cast out in a world rampaged by machines who sets out to learn about her past. The combat mechanics are fun and intuitive and offer since the game makes it feel like you actually are hunting these robots that have taken dominance over the world.

Marvel’s Spider Man

Many people loved comic books when they were young and even as they grew up. Many comic books aged with us and the heroes that we used to read about have now become playable characters in amazing games that are sure to fuel our nostalgia and deliver a satisfying impact. Marvel’s Spider Man is one of those games.

Monster Hunter: World

This game had a formula that has seen the same iteration through each one of its instalments but it was one hell of a formula that worked.

Persona 5

Third-person RPGs at their best. A dungeon crawler alongside a little bit of life simulator like the Sims? One game to definitely deserved a place on this list.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Only Rockstar could come out with a game like RDR2. Truly a marvel with a great story and fantastic combat mechanics that give this game a spot on this list

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

RE6 was considered to be a disaster by many reviews but RE7 took what didn’t work, threw it out and came back stronger than its predecessor.

Tetris Effect

Tetris is one hell of an old game to remember now but it was a great way to kill time. Tetris Effect takes that old formula that made the original so much fun and brought it to the PS4 for the new generation of gamers to enjoy.

Until Dawn

Imagine Resident Evil, but this time as a slasher styled horror game. See how many of these teenagers you can help live to the very end of the game.